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  1. actully it was in the configuration panel on my PC, i click on Line 6 and I put "Hardware monitor level" at zero and that's it :) Thanks for your reply :D
  2. Well my microphone is working perfectly! :D But i can't figure out how to not hear myself when i plug my headset on my x3 live .... your trick doesn't seem to work ahah
  3. Okay I understand thank you! As I said, I mainly want to use my POD x3 for my microphone so if it doesn't work well i'll just plug my headphones directly on my pc if i'm not recording. And i don't have speakers I only use Headphones. I'll test my microphone later if it works when i plug it in the microphone XLR input (and not in aux in). That is probably why windows didn't recognize it as a microphone. Thanks a lot for your help it is appreciated :D
  4. And what about my headphones that were monitoring my mic (so I kept hearing myself) ? Is there a way to not let that happen? And thanks a lot for your reply :)
  5. I'm wondering, if i plug my condenser microphone to my phantom power, then my phantom power to my pod x3 live with XLR cable in microphone input, and then in my recording device in windows I make the POD x3 my main recording device, will my microphone work for everything? I'm really considering that the problem is that i'm plugged in aux in so windows doesn't recognize my mic as a mic but a instrument instead... Am I right ?
  6. Headphone can be directly on my PC i dont care that much, mainly i just want to use my POD x3 live to easily modify my microphone original sound without using a software on my pc... Thanks for your help,
  7. Hi, I just bought myself a new condenser microphone with a phantom power with it. Hooked it up on my computer everything is fine... but then i realise that i could use my POD X3 Live as an external sound card maybe? So I plugged my POD x3 live to the PC then plugged my microphone in via "Aux in" input (maybe that's the problem, my cable that goes from my phantom power is a XLR to 3.5mm jack, maybe if a buy another XLR cable and then plug in microphone input my problem will be solved?!) and also plugged my headphones on the POD x3 live. Headphone works great. I can ear windows sound and all. The problem is with my mic. On Adobe audition, it works because i can set my mic to ASIO and it works (i don't know why i'm kind of a noob in audio) But the mic doesn't work for anything else (discord, audacity, skype, windows etc). Another problem, i keep hearing myself through my headphones... is there a way the output of my mic only goes in the computer? As if it was a ordinary mic hooked in the computer? mainly i just want my POD x3 live ton control all audio in my computer, for recording, gaming, or even browsing. Sorry for my english, Thanks a lot :)
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