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  1. I read somewhere that there's a way to start the older Spider Amps with no processing: "Basically to get into TEST mode you hold down the TAP button as you pwer the amp ON. Beware that having no master volume control from the amp"
  2. I think I'm onto something - I installed a program called Pocket Midi and in Midi settings, I checked the 'thru' box. It's actually working! Pedal Wah - Midi CC 001 Pedal Vol - Midi CC 002 Footswitch C - Midi CC 49 to control FS1 on Pod Go which I usually set to switch distortion pedal on.
  3. Has anyone managed to get the FBV express Mk II to switch presets and control volume with the Pod Go? Both are connected to my PC via USB. I'm assuming the FBV is transmitting the Midi codes to the PC but it's not retransmitting them out to the Pod Go? I have set Footswitch A on the FBV to Program Change on channel 1 to Increment and Footswitch B to PC channel 1 Decrement. Thanks.
  4. I connected the Pod Go Main outs (L+R) to the Aux in on the Spider V60 Mk II and it works. Haven't given it a decent blast yet though.
  5. Exchanged. 2nd amp had no input jack socket so exchanged again. 3rd amp is great now thanks.
  6. Brand new! Currently trying to get the reseller to exchange.
  7. Also when turning off. Is this normal? Video.mov
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