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  1. When I've got my Helix connected to ableton, every time I select a new patch, it sends a pitch bend signal to ableton, which makes programming buttons across multiple patches really obnoxious. Any idea how to stop this from happening?
  2. I've solved this by hitting save after every midi change on every snap shot, before selecting a new snapshot. It's obnoxious, but seems to be working. Now I can't figure out why I'm sending a pitchbend midi signal to ableton every time I select a new patch.
  3. So, figured out that the logitech GHUB software causes conflicts in Windows, killing that fixed my Windows issue. Never did figure out why the line6 updater wasn't recognizing the helix. HX Edit was closed. But update completed successfully on the Windows machine, so time to make some noise.
  4. Today's been rough, connected my Helix to the computer I've been using it with for 2 years, BSOD likely due to windows update. No problem, switch to my macbook after usual driver troubleshooting fails, now I've got my backup, install HX Edit 2.80 per instructions, and line 6 updater isn't showing the Helix, but HX Edit can see it just fine. Any suggestions?
  5. I know that this is a long shot, but is there a way to configure snapshots so that if I update a button to send a midi command, that command is consistent throughout each snapshot instead of having to update each snap shot? Keeping them all in sync is difficult. Use case: For live performance, I have snapshots as my top row, and stomp bottom row, all sending midi commands to control ableton backing tracks.
  6. I've noticed my DT25 makes a rattling sound and it appears that it's coming from the Class A, Class A/B switch. If I touch this switch, the rattle goes away. Has anyone else ever had this problem/found a solution?
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