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  1. I finally figured how to achieve this today with the help of an Arduino. In the command centre I set the tap switch to CV toggle, then used that signal to an Arduino which I programmed to do a pulse with each toggle, then sent that to an analogue switch IC which replicates the tap footswitch and sends the signal on to the Flashback. Happy days, also the analogue switch IC has three more outs so I can do it to other pedals as well if needed.
  2. I just tested the mA draw on the transmitter, this is with me feeding 9v to a 5v regulator circuit, 640mA whilst charging, 160-170mA whilst transmitting.
  3. I haven’t had an issue with the USB but did the 9v socket mod so it can be powered by my pedalboard’s power supply. For any Pedaltrain users it is possible, with access to a sheet metal bender, to have the G10 transmitter under your board and thus saving some precious space on top.
  4. Thanks for the reply Peter, yes that is what I thought, worth asking in case I was the wrong though :)
  5. I am pretty certain this is not possible but thought I would ask. Is it possible for the Helix to send a tap tempo signal out, via the CV I assume, to a pedal that has a tap tempo in 1/4" socket like the new TC Flashback 2? I could just get a bog standard footswtch to do it but would rather use the Helix if possible.
  6. Do not go with a surface, not until line 6 sort out the scaling anyway. At present it is not usable. I have a surface and buckled and bought another tablet, the lenovo miix 310 which has a much lower resolution screen that the editor can be used with, i have not tried it with the micro usb port though so cannot comment on that.
  7. Well that was not an option, and it seems they are not perfect either. http://line6.com/support/topic/6764-do-you-have-the-same-problem-with-6th-string/ :rolleyes:
  8. Oh and please move the thread to the Standard forum if needed, I posted here as there seems to be a lot more traffic and that both products share the same firmware.
  9. Thanks psarkissian, good to know that it is something that should be easily sorted. I will adjust the pickup heights to see if I can improve it, if not I will get in touch with Line 6 support, do you know that the pickup heights should be? I had a quick search for the service manual but no luck, as it is certainly something I can do here rather than ship the guitar off to get sorted.
  10. I got a new Variax Standard this week, as a guitar I love it but it does have an issue. There is bad high frequency resonating particularly on the open D string, you can here it on a quick recording at https://soundcloud.com/james-murphy-445826257/variax It is at it worst on the Lester models, and there is a hint of it on the magnet pickups. Is it easily sorted? At the moment I am thinking I will have to return it :(
  11. Quick update, so I have had the ILouds for a few days now and I am more than happy so have decided to keep them. Whilst I know there are better (and maybe cheaper) options out there sound wise, they are the most suitable for my setup. Plus they are stereo and take up barely any room! In regards to volume I have both them and the Helix at 12 o’clock and they kick out a good volume, plenty more if I need it too. Thanks for all of the suggestions :)
  12. I decided to try the iLouds out first, mainly as they can be mounted on mic stands so I can have them at the right height and move them when not being used plus also have the luxury of stereo. They turned up today but due to going away for a few days I have only had a couple of minutes with them, volume is not an issue though as they plenty loud enough and then some.
  13. Thank you for all the responses, much appreciated! So any kind of PA is out of the question :D Would like to avoid headphones too, I know they give a good representation of the sound but I just don't like wearing them when having a noodle. So a single monitor is the way to go. That looks a nice setup, I think I will be able to get away with putting the monitor horizontally on my 2x12 and use some iso pads to angle it towards me as I will be sitting down when playing. That way the monitor will be away from the corner too as I do not want to start faffing with bass traps. I keep checking those out but this video is what has stopped me from buying as to me they do not sound as good as the Yamahas in the video. Although I can use both vs just one 8" monitor so maybe it is not a fair comparison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rywW3ACiU6E So I have whittled it down to a LSR308, a HS8 or a pair of the iLouds.
  14. Not low low, just not annoy the neighbours low, I have some good cans but would rather not use them if I can get a good sound going at a reasonable level.
  15. Hi all, I was hoping to get some opinions on what FRFR direction to take as I am struggling to decide myself of what approach to take as I want to start experimenting with IRs. Up to now I have been using my Helix with my ISP Stealth into a 4x12 at our weekly jam and into my Zilla 2x12 at home. Sound levels at home need to be kept to sensible levels and the other drawback is the only space I have available to practise is my side of the bedroom, so it is a living space first and I need to see if I can fit something in there to practice with, not an ideal situation but it is what it is. I did have a pair of JBL LSR305s but didn’t get on with them mainly because I would have liked some more volume and there was nowhere I could place them to keep them at head level so I was missing the sweet spot. I can think of three ways to go, one being a single 7 or 8-inch studio monitor in the corner on a stand so it is the right height or getting a PA speaker on the floor like an Alto TS210 or Yamaha DXR10, or thirdly getting a Matrix FR10 which is at the top end of my budget. My main concern with how the Alto, Yamaha or Matrix will sound at low levels as I will not be able to push them at all, it’s probably unlikely I will take them to my weekly jam either as I am happy with the set up there, though it would be nice to have the option to, priority is a good sound at home though. Any thoughts on what way to go?
  16. Bumping this just to ask if the new Helix Native/Editor will have better scaling so I can use it? I hope so, looks great!
  17. I would say it is a Line 6 issue as yes there are lots of programs that have the same problem but they appear to be in the minority (the Helix editor is the only software on my Surface where it is an issue). So it is possible to write the software with options for this scenario, for example I use Eagle CAD and they have added an option to increase the size of icons within the program’s settings. Below is what I get on my Surface laptop, and changing the scaling on Windows makes no difference to the display or fonts. It is frustrating as it means I cannot use it without changing the resolution of the screen each time I want to use the editor, a pain which also makes the menu bar much larger and taking up screen estate. I imagine (and hope!) the Line 6 will sort it out for higher resolution screens as they are not going away, quite the opposite.
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