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  1. I have a Dobro Resonator (Hound Dog Deluxe Roundneck, if it interests you). It came with the Fishman resonator pickup already in it. It's the type that connects underneath the cone, rather than under the bridge saddle. I love how this pickup sounds--it really recreates the sound of the resonator very well. To my ears, it almost sounds like it's been mic'd up. (The only challenge I encounter when I plug it in is--it's totally passive with no onboard preamp or controls. So when you plug it in, you have to put it through some kind of preamp to boost the signal to proper levels if it's going to be amplified well.) That said, I'm beginning to tinker around with running it through my POD HD. The POD would be a perfect "preamp" unit before running it through a PA. I've not spent much time with it yet, but plan to soon. I was wondering if any of you out there have done this, and if you have any particular suggestions on what models to start with when I'm creating tones. I would like to create a tone in the POD that recreates the sound of the pure Dobro as closely as possible, so I kind of doubt that I'd run it through one of the amp models. But I'm open to ideas. Would I have the best luck sticking to the "Studio Preamp" model on the POD? If that's the case, do you have any particular suggestions on how to set up those parameters for the right sound? I mean, I still want it to sound like a true resonator, so no "grit" or "drive" (although I might add that later for fun). And I might add some verb to it in order to add some dimension to the sound. But what tone-building blocks should I consider? Maybe the studio EQ as well? Any suggestions would be very helpful--particularly from someone who has played their own resonator through the POD and achieved good results. I'm sure I can figure out what will sound good eventually with my own ears, but it doesn't hurt to get a leg up with advice from someone who's already been down that road. Thanks in advance!