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  1. gianu

    Analogs Out Problem

    Well, I bought some of the cable that Triryche suggested and fixed the problem. Seems to be a problem with the adapters then. Thanks for your help!
  2. gianu

    Analogs Out Problem

    one more test that I made. If I choose the UX2 as my sound output device (in OSX Preference) when I press the volume up & down I can see the VU Meter moving, so the sound is going to the UX2, but I cannot hear anything from the Edifiers, just a "noise" (static noise I guess). If I move the output volume pot in the UX2 this "noise" is louder, so something seems to be sending. I'm clueless about this. Any hint? Thanks!
  3. gianu

    Analogs Out Problem

    Another thing that i found is that if the RCA cable are disconnected and I'm playing my guitar I can see the Vu Meter moving (but when I connect the RCA -with the adapter-) to the analog outs, the VU Meters stop moving.
  4. Oh, I thought that my Pod Farm 1 is also a valid Pod Farm 2, Thank you very much, TheRealZap!
  5. gianu

    Analogs Out Problem

    Thanks fflbrgst for the answer! Yes I have two RCA - Mono 1/4'' plug adapters (image: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/187032/plug.jpg) and they are both plugged into the audio outputs :) (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/187032/conector.jpg).
  6. Hi! I have a problem with the analogs outs of my UX2. After connecting the output to my Edifier R2600 I can only hear noises. I can see the VU meters moving with every sound of my computer, but I cannot hear those sounds I only hear noises. I tested that the input of the edifier worked (connect the output audio of my computer directly to the Edifier). I tested that the cable works. I tested the analogs output individualy connecting a headphone, and it works! But when I connect the ux2 to my edifier using the same cable, I can only hear noises. Given that the cable is a RCA, I used two conversor from RCA to Plug to plug the cable to the UX2, the conversors are brand new (bought on a good audio store), could it be the problem? Or is something else that I'm missing? Thanks for your help. :)
  7. Hello, I own a UX2 and I have used this incredible device with my old windows machine, and also with an old Mac machine. After buying a new macbook pro and using this as my primary machine, I found a issue: When I try to open the pod farm program I see a popup that said that there is a valid license but I need to run the license manager program. This is happening every time that I open the pod farm so is kind of annoying. Anyone have some clue on how to get rid of this popup? Thanks! P.S.: I attach some screenshots.