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  1. I would love / need (and I'm sure a lot of others) the ability to be able to have a scene function within a preset. I've already voted for it in the ideascale. IE 1 button press turns on a set of blocks, button 2 turns off current set and turns on a separate set of blocks, button 3 same thing ect ect. Maybe allow blocks to be assigned to multiple footswitches. This would make the helix unstoppable. Thanks
  2. I tried to work your patch out, how did you type the routing to a switch, and with the merge and mixer dots , any other setup with those? Not sure exactly what those are for? The manual is somewhat vague.
  3. Thanks for the help, I'm aware of scene modes, I just thought there might be some trick routing someone has came up with, for the life of me I don't understand why line 6 didn't implement the "snapshot /scene function. It would eliminate the dreaded preset gap, which is noticeable. Looks like I'll have to use per preset which I'm totally used to albeit with far less gap when I was using my gsp1101, great unit by the way.
  4. So I'm trying to avoid the whole changing presets within in a song. I need to have three tones, dirty, clean, and overdrive. I want to be able to have three switches, one for each of them, here's my problem, I want to be able to recall any of the three on thier dedicated switch, regardless of what switch I'm on, ie: on od button 3, hit button 1 to dirty, hit button 2 clean, ect ect. Regardless of what button I hit the other two turn off is what I'm trying to achieve. I've tried a couple different ways but I'm lost, thanks in advance
  5. Yeah, that's how I have it set up, amp fx return to helix 1/4 out, amp fx send to helix fx return 1. Helix fx send 1 to input of amp, midi from amp to midi through on helix
  6. Here is a thread already on it http://line6.com/support/topic/17343-midi-commands-with-5150-iii/?do=findComment&comment=128192
  7. Thanks for the info, this will definitely help, cheers ðŸ»
  8. I have the same amp, how did you set it up?
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