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  1. Exactly, I could not calibrate the expression pedal, and I do not think any preset saved me some time. Now I talked to my salesman and I will send us back to usa .. I hope not to have problems and give me another unit.
  2. hello silverhead It is very difficult to send the unit back to us to send me another and see if it works correctly. I have to pay shipping and import tariffs from my country again (which is very high). It really would be much cheaper for me to take charge of the settlement here in my country, unfortunately no one knows or no one says what the problem is. Then not to do with the pod. I'm hoping someone other than line 6 and has been there knows maybe that is the reason for this error code. Thank you very much for your advice .. I tried everything in two months and nothing. There is something wrong with the computer I guess. Google translator
  3. Hello everyone . I have a problem with my HD500x , since I updated the flash memory. , I get this code . Code 80007211 . Time Out As you disconnect , it does also note that if you want to go to the bundle or setlists pc .. fails to pass , it is disconnected . That way I do not ever with the HD500 and the X3 Live. Someone can help me? ! In the picture I show that the usb port is ok apparently . Always with a pc . Also probe with a Macbook and All in one HP . Also try turning the pod and pressing the arrow, but still gives me the same error. Also try changing the cable to the printer and the same. The pod in the U.S. buy it on ebay but I brought Argentina , and servicing of line 6 in my country says that I can not HD500x version so they have nothing to do , . IN LINE 6 DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? THERE ARE MANY USERS WITH THE SAME PROBLEM ! DOING WITH DEFECTIVE POD HD ? THE RETURN TO SELL OR TRYING TO FIND THE PROBLEM .. TAKES MANY YEARS THIS PROBLEM , SO READ IN THE FORUM ! PLEASE HELP ! Any idea ? thanks SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH BUT IS GOOGLE TRANSLATOR
  4. si.. ya probe todo.. voy a abrir otro post en ingles. Gracias por constestar. Saludos
  5. 80 visitas y ni una ayuda! Si alguien de line 6 me puede decir cual es el defecto, por favor!!!! Algun chip¡? la memoria? Gracias
  6. Hola a todos. Tengo un problema con mi HD500x, ya que no me actualiza la memoria flash., Me aparece este codigo. Code 80007211. Time Out Como que se desconecta, tambien note que lo hace si quiero pasar a la pc el bundle o setlists.. no llega a pasarlo , se desconecta. Eso no me paso nunca con la HD500 ni con la X3 Live. Alguien me puede ayudar?! En la imagen muestro que el puerto usb aparentemente esta ok. Siempre con una pc. También probe con una Macbook y una All in one HP. Probé también cambiando el cable con el de la impresora y lo mismo. El pod lo compre en EEUU por ebay pero lo traje a Argentina, y el servicio tecnico de line 6 en mi país dice que no llego la versión HD500x por lo que ellos no tienen nada que ver,. AYUDA POR FAVOR!! Alguna idea? Gracias
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