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  1. Im having this exact same issue - had my helix only 3 weeks and the volume drops to 1% by itself in the middle of me playing. It only happens one time - just a few minutes after powering up the Helix - doesnt happen again after that. As stated above it happens on every patch. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Im having problems getting my UX2 to accept both a mic & guitar input simultaneously and give output to headphones or my powered monitors. I can get it to work with just 1 input each separately, but not both at the same time. I have checked the inputs in the mixer mode and have them set what I believe to be correct. At this point Im not trying to record either input - although that will be the next step. Ive seen other threads showing how to record both at the same time, but when I try that I get no output to monitors or headphones. Any help is appreciated. Im using Windows 10 (successfully!!).
  3. I have not yet read those threads, but I will be soon as it appears I may learn a few things there. I do see what you are saying. Now that I think about it - I believe all my presets are setup for INPUT1 GUITAR and INPUT2 BLANK. When I compare the same tone as INPUT1 GUITAR & INPUT2 BLANK against INPUT1 Variax & INPUT2 SAME - the tones sound exactly the same to me. Sounds like I also need to compare those 2 setups with INPUT1 GUITAR & INPUT2 SAME to see if the 1/4" input is louder. The HD500 settings that gave the difference in tone (to me) between the VDI & 1/4" are: INPUT1 GUITAR & INPUT2 BLANK against INPUT1 Variax & INPUT2 BLANK. I was bascially switching to my variax guitar and only changing the INPUT1 setting. Thats when it sounded very thin to me. Is this expected? Why would the 1/4" input be +6db hotter than the VDI input? To me it sounded like more than just volume, it was more like depth and "process" related. Thanks for the info and help.
  4. Ok, I think I found a simple solution to make the VDI sound identical to the 1/4" input. You have to put input1 on Variax and input2 on Same. If you leave input2 blank (ie don't select anything) then you get the "electronic" type tone (at least to my ears). This has made my VDI input sound the same as 1/4" input. I even recorded a short bit and switched between patches with these different input options and its pretty clear to me the difference.
  5. I will try to record a short clip in the near future switching between the VDI & 1/4" cable to show how different it sounds on the same patch. My problem is that I finally have a nice clean patch I really like, but it only sounds good through the 1/4" cable. Ive been trying the EQ fx as suggested but not having much luck yet. I will continue to play with it as I can. Sounds like some have not experienced the difference in tone. Maybe Im doing something wrong. Also - could someone explain to me how to setup so that I can A/B between the VDI & 1/4" inputs. Ive been manually switching them. Thanks for all the help.
  6. I have not tried that yet. I honestly haven't done much with the EQ settings in my HD500. Where in the chain should I put the EQ fx block? Does anyone have suggestions on where to start with the EQ settings? edstar & cruisinon2 - have neither of you experienced this difference when using the VDI cable?
  7. Thanks - I fully understand the reason for the difference. Im interested if anyone has found a solution to it - a way to make the VDI connection sound more real and organic??
  8. Ive noticed both volume and tone differences between the VDI & 1/4" guitar cable. VDI is louder and sounds much more bright, electronic and stale. I really like the tone when using the 1/4" cable. Has anyone found a solution to this? Im using JTV-69 - POD HD500 Thanks.
  9. Was there any resolution to this topic? Im experiencing the exact same situation as Ruttster. I really like the sound of the JTV when using a standard 1/4" cable, but it sounds very electronic and stale when using the VDI cable. Ruttster - what did you find out? Any help from anyone is appreciated. Thanks
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