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  1. I won't be able to get home and set things up for about another nine hours (argh!), but maybe this will be helpful for you...? Cheers! -S
  2. Or Apple hits us with an update that makes all our Mac stuff not work :lol:
  3. Hi there! Gratz on the new Helix! :) At present, I run into the Mic/Lin channel. I was running some amps at the start of some chains but, if I recall correctly, wound up taking them out (tho I still use some for OD and such). Need to have a look at that, as I've been lazy/busy for the last couple of weeks. I should maybe try the top channel again, with all the lovely knobs, etc. I've just not felt the need, as that bottom channel has been easy to use, and has sounded great to me. Once Native comes out, I'll probably try some more things. I hope that made sense! :unsure: Cheers... -S
  4. Here's a link to the aforementioned review: Cheers :)
  5. dacook2110...A lot of the things you mentioned are things I want to do. I have been staring at the Cantabile pages for a few weeks. Sooner or later...sooner, really, I will DL that! Thanks for the in-depth description of how you use Cantabile! :)
  6. I'm trying to it was when I first got my Helix. I tried the Helix thru my QSC K10 and it was alright. But it wasn't what I wanted. However, my main use for the Helix is for effects and Variax control. For me, the amps and cabs are secondary. I was using amps and cabs when running into the K10, of course. If I recall correctly, I then ran the Helix into my Fender DRRI, and things were infinitely better. I gigged with that rig for quite some time. I didn't want to keep lugging around the DRRI, tho. About 50 lbs in its case, plus I wanted to get away from the tube world...the maintenance/fragility and weight aspects of that world, anyway. I have been all about streamlining my rig. Cos at 3AM, the less stuff you have to unload, the better. Ultimately, I wound up running my Helix thru a Quilter MicroPro Mach 2. Oh my stars. Sounds amazing and weighs 18lbs or so. 8" speaker. How can this be? :o I'm sure running direct for recording and such will be fine. Haven't tried that. All my tracks get reamped anyway. For live, and for me, tho, it's the Helix and the Quilter. Fantastic. Cheers!
  7. Hoping to be Freqin (Frequin?) out by the end of the month! I am a huge fan of the Fernandes Sustainer (I have three Fernadesezezezez), but I prefer my Reverends as my main guitars. If the FreqOut works well, I will be extremely pleased (understatement). I ordered mine from PGS, cos the guy (Andy) in the demo above makes me want to buy almost everything he demos. Oh, and I had a coupon for $ off :) When's the update coming out? :lol: Cheers!
  8. Of course you can! That's what I said! :unsure: Nonono. I dunno what was going on, but it wasn't updating for me. Now that you said it works, tho, it works, so...user error! Yay! Thx for that, tho. I'll be all better once the update (and Native) comes out!
  9. I don't think one can follow that one, as the topic is locked. I was trying to follow it and couldn't, anyway :-/ Cheers!
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