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  1. Hello guys!!! I have Toneport KB37 and it needs to "heat up" to work. I don't know if this is the reason but it turns on after a couple of hours from the moment i turn on my PC. Put it in my laptop and did the same. When it turns on i plug it in my PC and works fine. The next day the same problem again...
  2. Hello from Greece!!! I have a Toneport kb37 and i am running Windows 10. A few days now i have the following problem... I turn on my PC but the kb37 is dead (no sound and all the lights are off). I have checked the usb ports and there is no problem with them. After my PC is working for about an hour, suddenly the kb37 turns on!!! Or i just have to restart my PC for many times. Everything is up to date and i have found out that the pitch bend wheel is stuck. Is this thing dying or is there any solution for my problem? Thank you for your time. I will appreciate any help!!!
  3. Hello, from Greece!!! I would like to know which is the best way to clean the Mic Gain Knob which is "scratchy" adding so much noise to my recordings. Thank you for your time, Tony
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