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  1. This is what is happening to my JTV69 right now. So frustrating! By the way, it happened also on my variax 300 way back 2006. I am getting frustrated. Now I know I really have to give up on line 6 products!
  2. Guys! My 2 variax 300 works with HD500. I will ask a friend who owns a HD500x and will try my JTV. If it doesn't work, well the problem could really be on my JTV. Will keep you posted.
  3. Thank you very much! I may have to buy a real VDI cable and try to risk myself if it works. Will update everyone here.
  4. The VDI one that i'm using is the original that comes from the package. It worked well with my workbench. Also, my other variax 300 worked well with that VDI cable thru my HD500. I really can't figure it out what's happening.
  5. What's happening? It's hard to engage, everytime i push the the button from magnetic pick ups to the modelling sound. Also, the battery won't charge fully. Could this be the main reason why my HD500 won't power up my JTV using VDI?
  6. I heard you can use Sony camera battery as replacement for tyler variax. Does anyone of you had an experience trying this one?
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