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  1. I'm still having the glitch. In off-line mode, I see only the U-prefix models when TYLER VARIAX is selected. In on-line mode, I see both F-prefixed models and models without any prefix. Custom 1 and Custom 2 bank are free of any prefix is both scenarios.
  2. Dave, Just wanted to weigh in. I'm running HD Edit 2.26 and FW 2.21 on my JTVs. I'm running Mac OS X Yosemite. In the drop down menu for the Variax controls, I'm selecting JTV. I did misspeak in my early post - there are the list of models with the F prefix (except Custom 1 and Custom 2), along with a duplicate listing without the F prefix. The F models are the factory models, while the models without the F are the ones live loaded via WB. Setting the selector switch to "Model" does seem to improve the quality of the tone. Tomorrow, I'll try using a standard 1/4 inch cable and the inboard battery. I'm hoping I'll work out the nuances of the VDI - it'd be pretty cool to tap a toe a go from a Satch tone (assuming I can cook on up), an EVH tone, a SRV tone, etc I appreciate everybody's help. Floyd
  3. No, my analog is a super strat. I've been connecting my JTVs via the VDI - will give the 1/4" jack a try.
  4. I've been struggling with my 500x - tones sounding thin and flat and generally bad. I thought it was a function of my inadequate understanding of the 500x. I've been using the 500x with my JTV69 and 89F. Today I plugged in with my analog guitar and my tones sounded great!!! So please, if anyone can help, please chime in. When I force the 500x to control JTV model and tuning, should the selector switch on the Variax be set to "Model"? When using HD Edit, in the drop down menu for the various JTV model, I see the models listed twice; once with a prefix "F" and another with the prefix "U". I'm assuming the F is the factory model and the U is the user model I've actually loaded on the guitar via Workbench. Is this correct? Thanks... Floyd
  5. Arislaf, Thank you so much for the offer! I'm swamped at work but will record some samples and send them to you next week! Have a good day, Floyd
  6. I'm returning my Firehawk tomorrow. While I loved having access to the older X3 amp models, the lack of flexibility with moving effects blocks in the signal chain was a deal breaker. While it is possible to have a total of 8 simultaneous effects, effects blocks are divided into two categories: fixed blocks, and flex blocks. Fixed blocks are fixed in place in the signal chain and are a specific type of effect (volume, wah, EQ, comp, reverb). Flex blocks can drive, mod, delay, or synth effects and can be moved around in the signal chain. Setting delay time by tap tempo instead of milliseconds was kind of odd. I also has a connectivity issues between my Android device and the Firehawk - I was running Firehawk remote on a Motorola Droid Turbo. The app was an ok interface - I definitely recommend running it on a tablet rather than a phone. As others have noted, there is a bit of lag when switching patches and a lag with loading the presets for selection/editing from the app. Firehawk is definitely a step in the direction I want to go in. Maybe a future iteration of it will be a better fit for me. At any rate - good luck all!
  7. Thanks for the words, all. I've spent the last few days playing with Pod Farm rather than my 500x - the video that wilson69978 was helpful as were the post here. I think I'll take the plunge and will report thoughts in the next few weeks. Have a good night, all!
  8. I got my 500x last June and over time, I've grown increasingly dissatisfied with it. I think this is more a matter of my approach to the device rather than the device itself. I've been playing for about 25 years and am very comfortable with all kinds of tech, but the 500x showed me a side of myself that I hadn't known - I'm not really into tweaking sounds. For me, the 500x discourages me from playing because I spend all my time trying to dial up tones that I usually don't enjoy. After hours and hours of work, I've managed to build 3 tones that I consistently enjoy using (medium gain blues sounds). I've not been able to build any satisfying high gain sounds, and have been unsuccessful at getting a nice lush chorus sound. To my ears, the rotary/drum and rotary/drum horn effect from my X3 sound better than the HD version. Again - not a fault of the device but my own weirdness. I haven't been able to appreciate how all the shapeable parameters affect the tone I'm trying to build. I don't play out anymore and am just a humble hobbyist. With all that said, might the Firehawk be a better tool for me? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  9. Hi Arislaf, I'd be happy to record some samples! What kind of samples would be most helpful? Clean un-effected tone? Single notes or chords? Have a good day!
  10. Nice! I replaced the factory mag pick ups with Dimarzios - got an F spaced AT-1 in the bridge, a Cruiser in the middle, and a Fast Track in the neck. Just wish I had the smarts to replicate those pick ups in WB. Arislaf's JTV patches are pretty awesome!
  11. For what it's worth, the ghost note(s) aren't an issue if I use my 500X to force a tuning to a particular model. I only notice ghost notes if I'm using the local controls on my 89F.
  12. All - thanks for the good words! I've downloaded Arislaf's JTV patches and will be giving them a go!
  13. I'm interested in settings that will help me replicating the following Dimarzio PUs in WB: AT-1 Air Zone Cruiser (neck) Fast Track 1 Chopper Thanks! Floyd
  14. I need help. I own a JTV89F and a 69. I've noticed that when switching between my mag pick ups and modeled pick ups, there is a dramatic change in tone/output and overall sonic character of the sound. I would expect this to be the case when switching between my mag 89 bridge to a modeled Tele neck. I'm noticing a radical difference between my mag 89 bridge and a modeled 89 bridge. I've corrected this issue to some degree by adjusting the pick ups level in WB. Could someone explain to me, in very simple terms, how resistance/taper (volume) and resistance/capacitance (tone) affect the models? I know there have been other threads on this topic but I've not been able to make much sense of the info. Am I correct in assuming that the values listed in the drop down menus for the above parameters are listed top to bottom in increasing order of... power/output/grooviness? What is the filter in the capacitance drop down menu? Thank you for your patience... Floyd
  15. Finally my whammy bar no longer wobbles. My solution: replace the arm and arm housing and coupling with a Schaller tremolo arm and arm housing/coupling. You can not insert a Schaller arm into the Graph Tech arm housing; the Schaller arm is to... girthy. You have to replace the Graph Tech arm housing and coupling with the Schaller housing and coupling. No wobble whatsoever with the Schaller arm!
  16. Thanks, I'll check it out! F
  17. tellysguitar You can get a replacement bar directly from Graph Tech - they made the Floyd on the JTV-89F. I obtained a replacement bar from them but because of the way the guitar is routed, you have to remove the entire bridge in order to replace the bar and it's assembly. My spring solution has proven to be a temporizing measure. So I may look into peteramm's solution... F
  18. Hi all, I'm using a HD500X and I'm having some trouble with the rotary drum and horn effect. When I employ this effect, I notice drop in volume and a compression of the tone. I generally do not assign any of the effect's parameters to a the expression pedal. I set the speed to slow and tweek the settings to taste - not completely sure what all of them control. Any thoughts on how to overcome/dial out the volume drop would be appreciated. Thanks! F
  19. Any updates on the launch of these labels?
  20. Hi, I've been settling into my HD500X for the last 3 months. One of the struggles I've been having is dialing up rich satisfying distorted tones. I like the Screamer and the Tube Driver but I find that they aren't very responsive to my guitar's volume control. I've tried adding an analog distortion and an overdrive pedal. I'm running them through the effects loop and placing the loop in front of the amp model in the signal chain. I'm using a JTV and want to use the VDI connection. I'm still not finding distorted sweetness. Any suggestions? Thanks, Floyd
  21. Thanks for the replies. I tried securing the HD500X with dual lock but without success. Ended up going with the regular velcro strips that came with the pedal train. So far so good. Going to build cables today...
  22. 5150 Bogner Ecstacy Blue and Red channels Marshall Silver Jubilee Cornford Mk50 Marshall Variac Rotary Horn and Drum from Vetta/X3 Stereo Chorus(s) from Vetta/X3
  23. I want to use some hook-and-loop to secure my 500X to a Pedaltrain PT3SC. Can I remove the rubber feet on the POD so it can place some velcro strips on it to then secure it to the Pedaltrain? Thanks, F
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