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  1. Hello all, I'm running macOS Catalina 10.15.7. I'm unable to log onto my L6 account from HX Edit - username/password error. I can access my account just fine from the L6 website. Any advice? Thanks, Floyd
  2. Happy New Year all. Need some assistance with my JTV69 - the bridge is making a popping sound when I depress the trem bar. This is a mechanical noise; not coming from the electronics. Any suggestions? Thanks, F
  3. Totally appreciate that it will sound different. That is what I'm going for - I really love the way my alder body 69 behaves when I use the modeling. I don't like the way the mahogany body 89F sounds. I'd love a 69 with a Floyd - that's what I'm going for F
  4. I would love to get the guts of my 89F transplanted into an alder body superstrat. I love my 69, but would love to have the graphtech Floyd. Who are some of the builders up to the task?
  5. The info is there under the "Controllers" tab but the footswitches in Edit don't seem to coorospond to the footswitches on the FBV3. Thanks for the reply anyway...
  6. Hi, Just got a POD HD PRO X and a FBV3 foot controller. Both have updated firmware and what not. POD is set to foot switch 5-8 mode. What buttons on the FBV3 correspond to the assignable buttons in PRO X edit? Also, the FBV3 registers effects and are turned on and off via Edit but the FBV can turn those effects on or off. Any advice?
  7. What output mode should i use when connecting my 500x with a Mission Engineering Gemini 2 FRFR cab?
  8. I've noticed that the "89" model pick ups sound thinner and quieter than the Lesters. Also, I notice that my virtual 89s sound much weaker than the physical pickups in my 89F. I've tweeked the pots and such without success. Any suggested settings would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. I had the same problem with my 89F. I swapped out the GraphTech trem arm housing and bar with a Schaller trem arm housing and bar. The bar does stay tightened down very long, but it's nice and snug in the socket.
  10. frstrat

    Gigwrx labels

    Hey all, For those looking for custom magnetic labels, Gigwrx does a great job! They're great to work with and I love how the labels turned out.
  11. I've tried 2 different cables. The first is the cable that came with the guitar that connect to the L6 USB interface. The second cable is an aftermarket RJ45, here is a link: The problem persists with either cable.
  12. I have a JTV-69. Anybody have experience intermittent connectivity with the VDI jack? If so, any suggested fixes? I've tried different vdi cables and issue persists. The cable is tight in the socket but when i manipulate the cable, there seems to be some play with the socket in the plate. Thanks, F
  13. I'm in a metro area as well. I've not seen a JTV in any of the big box stores in my neck of the woods. Too bad...
  14. phil_m, I'd not considered that... In my frustration, I've been toying with the idea transplanting a Graph Tech Floyd to a 69. If the different piezo systems are influencing the modeling, it hardly seems worth the hassle. I love the 69's modeling and love the Floyd.
  15. Yup - both guitars running the latest firmware I wonder if the body wood is impacting the modeling?
  16. I own a 69 and 89F. I notice that the models on my 89F sound radically differnent than my 69. In general, all the electric models on the 89F sound thinner with more treble at a reduced output that the same models with the same Workbench settings on my 69? I've tried altering the Workbench settings for my 89F (increasing output, switching the neutral body, changing pots, etc) with marginal success. Any thoughts would be appreciated... Thanks, F
  17. Do the songs/playlists have to be stored locally on the phone/tablet? Could I stream music to my phone from Google's Play Music and then to my Firehawk to tone match?
  18. Full Compass says the dimensions for the set screw are m3x3mm, 1.5mm hex
  19. Ordered set screw with above noted dimensions - it was much too small. Perhaps I'm referencing the wrong part. I need to replace the screw accessible from the trem cavity that secures the arm to the bridge.
  20. Newbie questions: Can anybody give me a simple explanation of Sag, Hum, Bias, and Bias X affect my tone? I would also appreciate a few words on the cab parameters low cut, res level, thump and decay? While I've been playing for a while and am normally every comfortable with tech, I don't have a grasp of some basic concepts in amp design and function.
  21. I discovered that the set screw for my JTV-69 was missing. I've ordered a couple replacement screws from Full Compass but it's a special order item, and it'll be a few weeks to get the replacement. Anyone have any idea on the size/dimensions of this part? Wondering if I could find something at my local hardware store... Thanks!
  22. Powered everything up again and no glitch. In the drop down menu, there was only the U list of models. Will try it again tomorrow. More interestingly, setting the selector switch to MODEL really makes a difference in quality of tone - so that is good!
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