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  1. Very interested in labels for my 500x. Have bookmarked your site. Cheers!
  2. Duncann, Thanks for the tip on the pitch glide. I'll give that a whirl.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I typically place mod and delay effects post amp model but I wasn't playing the tri chorus at the end of the chain. I also often have mono delay and/or reverbs post tri chorus. Placing the chorus at the end of the chain has led to pleasing results as has placing a stereo delay after the chorus! I appreciate the assistance. The tweekability of the HD500x can be overwhelming at time. F
  4. Hi all, I recently purchased a HD500x. Am having a pleasant time dialing up tones but have a question: does anyone have a suggestion on how to create a stereo chorus effect with the tri chorus? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Floyd
  5. Good first step. The hex screw on my bridge was tight, but a loose hex screw is a common culprit for wobbly bar. Thanks for the input! F
  6. Triryche and David, Thanks for your replies. I was hoping to use Pod Farm in stand alone mode for routine practice and jamming. In a nutshell, I was curious if Pod Farm would give me some of the routing flexibility found in Pod HD Edit but using the amp models from the X3 line I love. I've been reluctant to embrace the HD 500x because most of the amps don't appeal to me. I record in Garageband. I try using Pod Farm there to see if I can make it work. Thanks again, Floyd
  7. Will the VDI carry the signal from the magnetic pick ups? I've been using my JTV with a Pod X3 but an considering moving to the Pod HD500X. Thanks for your thoughts, and patience.
  8. Newbie Pod Farm Question: Is it possible to create a dual tone where the single chain of stomp boxes are feeding two amps and a single chain of post effects affecting the same two amps? I'm running Pod Farm 2.56 on an iMac with OS 10.9.2.
  9. I solved the issue by placing a small section of spring in the tremolo arm socket. The upward tension of the spring keeps the collar from coming loose. The arm is wobble is gone and the arm stays in position.
  10. The Line6 JTV-89F I bought last year is working out great - just one minor issue. There is a fair amount of play between the tremolo arm assembly and the tremolo arm housing. I've googled for possible fixes - one I've come across is replacing the current arm and housing assembly with and older style unit that works on a different principle. Here is a link to the item: Will this unit fit in the GraphTech Floyd native to the JTV? Thanks, Floyd (Floyd Rose and I were ironically born in the same Colorado town)
  11. I'm glad I found this thread. I'm really on the fence about going to the 500x. As a long time X3 user, I'm bummed by the prospect of building a new batch of tones since many of my fav models aren't included in the new HDs. I've relied on Customtone to find tones that I can tweak to my taste. It seems that Line6 isn't going to support the Customtone utility for the 500x. That said, I've got a JTV-69 and a JTV-89F and I can see the benefits of marrying my JTVs to a 500x. I appreciate the thoughts articulated by the users here. I got some thinking to do... Floyd
  12. Very true - I've upgraded to the blocks on my other Floyds and it does make a difference. But if I have to get a hole drilled in a block to thread the wiring harness or if the trem ends up impinging on the wires in the cavity, then I'm not sure it's worth it.
  13. Hmmm, yea I found myself wondering the same thing. Will probably just stay with the trem as is. Thanks for the insight, ice9mike.
  14. Hey all, I'm a happy owner of an 89F. Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade the trem block on these guitars? If so can it be done by my local luthier? I obviously don't want to mess with any of the modeling. thanks
  15. Thanks for clarifying. I was not aware that the Vetta/X3 could not store alt tuning data. What I'm interested in doing is have my presets store JTV data (tuning, guitar/pick up config, etc) along with amp-effect-cab modeling data. Guess, I need to look at the POD HDs a bit more closely.
  16. I'm the happy owner of a JTV-89F and JTV-69. I'm using a POD X3 for desktop recording and a Vetta II combo amp for playing with other humans. With the new Workbench upgrade, can I still save variax data to a preset in my Vetta? If I aquired a POD X3 Live, could I save variax data to a preset? Thanks... F
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