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  1. Appreciate everyone's comments! Going forward I'll begin my volume adjustments first at the Output block. I did know diff's re FX and DIR - but as a new Stomp user, simply didn't take that into consideration during my first flurry of edits Regarding prefixes DIR + FX, FWIW, of the many presets I DL'd from CustomTone, don't recall many using these in preset names. Now I know I'll simply need to analyze the effect chain in edit mode and go from there Thanks again
  2. rd - thanks for your quick reply Been using pedals for a few decades... Stomp easy enough to program from scratch but I usually pick something in the ballpark and then modify from there. Also a learning experience to see how the other presets programmed. Agree that factory presets usually just show off capabilities and are often not useful except as a starting point. But was a bit surprised at how the volume differential was also the case in the downloaded CustomTone forum when I was just seeking gig useable ones vs overly effected gimmick tones. Oh well One quick aside - When moving my Stomp from an amp to a PA, I of course changed the output to Line from Instr - but tones not sounding great, despite the proper output change - but I'm guessing the mods I made before may be at fault and will have to be reworked Will now aim to "normalize" tones starting with the gain at the Output Block, and then move back in the chain Appreciate your advice. Great having folks willing to help out Thanks!
  3. Got my HX Stomp and as expected there is always going to be differences in the volume of the different factory presets as well as the many presets I’ve downloaded from the community site. Such differences of course would be expected say between a clean twin preset and a cranked metal tone. however the volume differences appear to be extremely different from one patch to the next. I spent a number of hours trying to normalize these, not to identical volumes, but to more appropriate volume differences between clean versus crunch versus distorted. at first I begin modifying amp distortion levels then channel volumes then master volumes, then pedal volumes...and lastly noted that additional volume changes could be made at the output. so... before I spend too many more hours, am I missing some major concept here - and if not is there a better way to be approaching more reasonable volume differences between patches. Many thanks, Jack
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