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  1. No idea if anyone will see this, but I think I found a weird glitch/bug with how my HX Stomp EQs my guitar when I'm using parallel routing and the FX loop. I'm using my HX stomp within a pedalboard setup. Drive/gain/wah/octave before the HX Stomp and a Source Audio Nemesis Delay and Strymon Flint Reverb in the FX loop of the HX Stomp. The FX loop routing is a mono TS cable to the Nemesis, mono from the Nemesis to the Flint, and two mono cables into the FX return in the HX Stomp. Every preset of mine has the Stereo FX L/R block in it. I have one preset that's all effects for going direct into an amp instead of into a PA. That preset had 6 blocks and parallel routing so that 4 effects and the FX loop block were on path A and the double tank reverb block was the only thing on path B. Routing split at the input and recombined at the output. I didn't do anything to the gain or pan on the signal split. Here's where it gets weird: with the parallel routing like this, my midrange gets weirdly boosted and the highs and lows get swept out, like a wah that's on, but not moving. I actually did check my wah to make sure it wasn't on, but the weird EQing was elsewhere. When I deactivated the FX loop block, the EQ went back to normal. Also, when I changed the parallel routing from the whole preset to just a delay and reverb in parallel, the midrange jump also went away. I also checked the Nemesis and Flint individually to make sure they weren't causing problems on their own and both worked normally. Any ideas what's happening?
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