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  1. Ibanez19

    Stuck in Snapshot Mode

    As mentioned in this post, getting stuck in Snapshot mode still occurs for me in firmware 2.82. L6 support had me do another full factory reset, but that hasn't resolved the issue. At this point, I'm not sure what to do. @IMMikeMurphy, can you let us know if this resolves for you after updating to 2.82?
  2. Ibanez19

    No "Mode" Option - Stuck in Snapshot

    Correct, I do not believe I am accidentally entering Snapshot mode. Even if I did, once in Snapshot mode, the Helix does not allow a return to the original Stomp/Snap mode. I have tried pressing FS1+FS7 simultaneously after the bug occurs, and that allows me to switch between other modes... unfortunately, doing so never returns to the original (and desired) Stomp/Snap mode.
  3. Ibanez19

    No "Mode" Option - Stuck in Snapshot

    I can confirm this issue persists after upgrading to 2.82 and performing a Factory Reset and Global Reset. I use the Helix Floor in Stomp/Snap mode. At 3 out of my last 3 gigs, the Helix got stuck in Snapshot mode. It happens randomly when switching banks. Sometimes, it can be fixed by changing the mode away and back to Stomp/Snap (in Global Settings). Other times, another Factory Reset is required. This is a frustrating bug that impacts our performances. Hopefully, it will actually be fixed soon.
  4. Ibanez19

    GAP between change snapshots Firmware 2.80

    Same -- that's one of several bugs that caused me to downgrade to 2.71 after a gig with many "surprises" from my Helix Floor. But, hey, at least 2.71 works!
  5. Ibanez19

    Expression pedal bug

    Same here! Affects nearly all of my patches, rendering 2.8 unusable for me. Had to roll back to 2.71.