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  1. You sir! are a gent! That's sorted it out, can't believe that was all it was, and I'm glad that is all it was. Cheers Lewis
  2. Right I have posted this before but to no avail so I'm going to try again. Basically the only way I can get my POD to send a signal to my ENGL power amp is to go via the fx loop and stick a loop block at the end of the signal chain which is rather annoying as I like the use of the looping function. I have sent it directly into a PA before via the 1/4" out without an issue but for some reason it is not working going into the ENGL so I have no clue what the problem is. The output signal is set to power amp, 1/4" line out switch set to amp, guitar in set to normal. My rough signal chain is (working) Guitar in>Vol pedal>Amp sim>Reverb etc>FX block>FX Send (out)>ENGL>Cab. The way I want it to work is; Guitar in>Vol pedal>Amp sim>Reverb etc>1/4" out>ENGL>Cab. Has anybody got any ideas? It's been months and I still can't find a solution.
  3. No problem; http://line6.com/customtone/tone/224613
  4. That's the thing I am getting no output through the 1/4" outs without an fx loop block, I had to put one in as a work around. I've just created a new simple patch without an fx block and I have no output through the 1/4" outs whatsoever. Guitar in>amp block>1/4" out (tried left and right)>ENGL>Marshall, still nothing. It's not the cable because if I plug my guitar directly into the ENGL I get sound, I also have had the POD plugged directly into a PA before and it worked fine.
  5. I really don't know, that is the only way I managed to get it up and running. Here's the only applicable settings I can see effecting anything and I have played around with them. On the front next to the expression pedal I have; Guitar in: Normal 1/4" out: Line And in the setup menu I have output set as stack pwr amp
  6. Greetings. Basically I need some help with connecting my HD500 into my ENGL power amp without using the fx send. At the moment I have it working in this chain order; Guitar>HD500(FX Send)>ENGL E840/50>Marshall 1936 Lead. But I want to be able to go directly out of the pod instead of using the fx send, wasting an fx block and been able to use the looper. So the chain would be instead; Guitar>HD500(1/4"out)>ENGL>Marshall. Any ideas? Iv'e included some images, one of which is the back of the ENGL, the right input is from an XT PRO which is turned off.
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