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  1. would you guys know if they let us get the the old firmware? ll these firmware update since the march firmware release messed up my G10S/T. i couldnt get the longer hours on my transmitter anymore, yeah seems like only 30 min :( mine was wroking fine til i did the damn firmware update
  2. i have the same problem with sonic port vx and my iPhone7, i get that clipping/popping sound while in garage band. any news if this was solved by line6 already? would really appreciate the help. thanks..
  3. im having the same annoying problem. the backing track in my garageband that i play along with while recording just go to digital velcro distortion like crap. ver frustrating. i have no choice but still use my well-trusted POD UX2 =j
  4. hello everyone. im carlo. ive had my jtv59 for about a year now. im thinking of swapping my magnetic pickups out. anyone here has experienced installing a pair of Lace Sensor Alumitone humbuckers? yes they are humbuckers, but Lace suggests to use 250K pots with those pickups due to its different design compared to a conventional buckers. my concern is, the stock pots of the JTV59s are both 500k, right? iv read a few threads suggesting to add resistors on the pots, say if you want to bring down a 500k pot to 250k. will that work with my JTV without messing up the Variax system? what could be the best solution? thanks guys
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