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M9 Expression Problem


I have a Line 6 M9 that is acting strange.
I'm using an external 'preset' box instead of an expression pedal.
The preset box is simply a latching switch with a 10k resistor.

I can set min/max settings on an effect and use the preset box to toggle between the two settings.
What's weird is that I can do it a half dozen times without a problem, then all of a sudden it'll stop working and forget the min/mix settings and I have to set them again to get it to work.
Any ideas on what's going wrong here?

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Are you using manual save mode or autosave mode for your scenes? Or does this happen with you staying in the same scene?


The expression pedal is reset whenever you unplug the the cable from the expression pedal jack on the back, so from that perspective, it's reset whenever the circuit it broken. It could be possible that sometimes when you press the switch, the circuit is broken, and it is telling the jack to reset.

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