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iPAD music to FX100

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Is it possible to send music from an iPAD to the FX100 by bluetooth and then on to play through the amp? Or do I need to connect to a separate hi-fi system via the Main Outs with the Amp Out going to the Effects return on the amp.

Or is it best to get a bluetooth dongle for the hi-fi and send direct from the iPAD? I am rather new to bluetooth so not sure what options there are to be able to play along with songs on the iPAD.


Is there a Line 6 video which helps with all this?


Thanks for your help.



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Hi Graham,


Once your iPad is properly paired with FX100, the music will stream to the pedal. The "Main Outs" will output the guitar + music, so it is recommended to connect it to a powered PA speaker(s), a set of studio monitors, or your home stereo system. The "amp out" will only ouput the guitar tone, without the music, so you can connect it to directly to an amp input. If your amp has an FX loop, you can connect the "amp out" of the FX100 to the FX Return to bypass the preamp of your cab.


Here is the video you requested:


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Also, connecting a cable to the amp out will remove the guitar from the main outs and headphones.

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