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HD500 direct into Mixer


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Recently I changed completely my setup. instead of a mic'ed amp and then into the mixer, what I do is

HD500 directly in the m20d mixer. The m20d has a specific dsp preset that is optimized for the hd500.  That works extremely fine for me. Especially because I can now use stereo effects. That's really cool when you do say "Where the streets have no name" from U2 with plenty of delay. But, now the following question arises.


My band has got an invitation to do a gig in a bit bigger venue. They have their own infrastructure (mixer, sound man). So we will not use the m20d. And I am asking myself, what will be the tone?


Does anyone has experience. Perhaps I can ask Line6 for the details of the hd500 optimized dsp preset so that I could forward this info to the sound man.


Does anyone has experience with the hd500 going into a normal mixer?


Thks for the help




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If I want to keep the integrity of my sound when having to trust a sound guy who is unfamiliar with what I want, I always get my tone happening thru my mixer and just give the house a stereo feed from my mixer. Then it's just a matter of a little tweaking for the house on his end.

If it is avenue that I have played several times and I know the sound guy and he knows what I like I just take the HD500.

Bottom line is you can save a lot of headache with your own mixer.

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I'm agreeing with the others here. If your own mixer is an integral part of your tone, then you'll need to take it with you everytime. This is the fundamental thorn in the side of all guitar systems like the POD, Axe-Fx, GT100 etc.


Everything they plug into will shape the tone, you'll create your patches in combination with this tone shaping and if you take that component away, you're likely to suffer substandard tone. It's the main reason I went down the DT Amp route as I wanted that consistency. 

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