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Variax 300 or PODxt Live issue (loss of Variax controls)

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I’m posting this on PODxt Live board as well.  Not sure if it’s a Variax or PODxt issue.


(LOSS of Variax controls when changing to AMP/Overdrive patches on PODxt)


I have a Variax 300 and a PODxt Live.   When changing programs on PODxt Live the Variax volume drops about 50% and there is no volume, tone or model control until you reboot the PODxt.   This happens whether using the DVI or the 1/4†cable or both and only seems to happen when switching to an amp/overdrive type of patch on the PODxt pedal board.  


The Variax is used but well cared for and everything else seems perfect.  I reflashed the memory, created alternate tunings and even tweaked each string level.  No glitches and very solid via DVI or battery powered 1/4†cable.


The PODxt Live is used but mint.  No one had even programmed any custom settings.  Still, I reflashed the memory, updated the driver and bought a Line 6 DVI cable for it.  Even when I change to a Variax preset (banks 17-20) any overdriven amp setting loses all controls on the Variax and drops the volume considerably.


I had programmed some patches on the PODxt and everything else seemed to be fine.  Same with the Variax, just together, this occurs and can even freeze the PODxt where no pedals work except the volume/wah.   I planned to use the PODxt as a pass through for my Strat and use the Variax for guitar models with no FX from the PODxt so I reflashed the memory again and left it in USER mode where hitting A-D won’t freeze the Variax.   The Variax and my Strat are both ON and going to a tube amp for tone with the Variax split to the PA.   This is OK as I only wanted the PODxt to provide AC power and the volume/wah.   It’s just unfortunate I can’t use the Variax and PODxt live together as intended and no one needs glitches on stage.    Nor can I use the PODxt to flavor other guitars as it will freeze the Variax requiring a reboot.


If anyone has any idea why this is happening or how to fix it I’d greatly appreciate any help.



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I have a similar problem. Bought a second hand Variax 500. If I plug the DVI cable into Pod XT live, the pod freezes, does not respond to any switches pushed. If I unplug the DVI everything works fine. Tried to reflash the Variax, but it didn't show up in Monkey. By t he way: I also have a Variax 300 since many years. It dos show up in Monkey, and Pod reacts normal if plugged in with Variax 300. Is there any way to reset the Variax 500 by itself, not using USB interface to computer?


The Variax 500 works well by itself. All guitar models are switched normaly.

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