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How to Delete Files from my POD XT Live

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I don't know if I am being stupid (no, I do know.....yes I am stupid) but I am one of those people that hate things not being in the right place or having something that I really don't want on my device (maybe for the fear of taking up memory space).


Anyway I have downloaded tones onto my XTlive, but for the life of me can't find out how to delete the files I don't require or now want.


I'm sure I must be missing something so basic but missing it I am. I can move the unwanted tones to a location that I don't use but wonder what will happen when I need to add extra tones and have no allotted space or location for them.


Any pointers please.


Although I can download tones etc I am absolutely useless at computer stuff ie. a complete novice, so please if you have the answer please explain it in primary school language.


Thanks a lot.

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Well to be fair my man - it would require a massive update to Custome Tone AND for the users who uploaded them to upload a sample AND even then alot depends on the guitar/player for the tone. I''ve been grateful for some of the gems in there and try to use them as starting points for new tones of my own.


Even though you say your not good at 'puters if you can run Gearbox you can build your own and upload them too.


Let us know I am always on the look out for some new ones.





PS: Welcome to the forums too BTW :)

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Doh!! Yes indeedy. I have just tried it. .... It still brasses me off tho' that I can't just "get rid of rubbish" It's a pity that Line 6 can't make some of the tones listenable on line so you can know what they sound like before you download them..

You don't actually have to save the tone to your pod to listen to it. It doesnt take any longer to download the patch to gearbox than it would be to download a sound file. When you click download just pick "open with gearbox" when it asks where you want to save it. Bada bing, you're done.

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