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Backup user bank tones


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Somebody knows how can we backup the tones in the user bank? Some guy suggest me record at least 6 seconds, no pulling the strings and that is the backup, but I don't know how can I get back the tone setup from a recording. Some ideas? I guess if this would be possible, will be a great way to backup tones and reset to factory defaults without risks AND SHARE TONES BETWEEN USERS, because in this page: are just a few tones and values of FX Controls are not specified.

Thanks in advance.

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- Created a User Tone and Saved it to a user location.

- In the SETTINGS/TONE menu, please make sure RECORDINGS SET TONE is set to ON.

- Made a recording with that guitar tone and save the recording to the internal memory. Do this for every preset you would like to store.

- In the SAVE menu, select the TRANSFER ALL TO CARD option. All of your recordings and their associated tone will be saved to the SD card.



- To transfer them back into the amp, go to the SAVE menu and choose the TRANSFER ALL FROM CARD option. This will load the recordings and the associated presets back onto the Spider Jam.

- Now, when you load a recording that was transferred onto the Spider Jam from the SD Card, the preset that was stored with the recording will be loaded with the recording. It will show in the SETTINGS/TONE menu with an asterisk (*) next to the name.

- To store this preset back into the Spider Jam User presets, go to the SAVE menu and select SAVE GUITAR TONE to store the preset in the User location you desire.

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