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FX100 streaming to amp + Effects Loop


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Hello all,


I would love some clarification before take the plug on the FX100.


Here's my simple setup and problem.  How can the FX100 be connected to meet my challenge?


I have a Mesa Boogie 5:50 Express (2x12).  She sounds great all by herself.  But I'd really like to add the FX100.  One of the problems with this amp (and pretty much all tube amps) is that the amp does not have an AUX INPUT.  So I can't play along with my MP3 songs (into the amp).  I was thinking that the FX100 will give me that ability wirelessly through the Bluetooth connect.


Anyway, what is the best way to connect the guitar and pedal to achieve the best sound from the MP3 source and also take full advantage of the pedals amp modeling and effects?


  1. Should the guitar be plugged into the front of the amp (normal hookup) and the pedal into the amps effects loop?  Does this nullify the amp modeling ability of the pedal?  I think it does.  Please clarify.
  2. Should everything be connected into the effects loop (guitar into pedal, pedal into loop).  Will this sound good?  Will the bluetooth MP3 work this way?  Will the pedal modeling work?


Kinda confused on the best way to do this and still utilize all the features that sound great.


Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

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1)The Mesa's preamp will affect you guitar tone as normal and all effects, modeling, and BT from the FX100 will go thru the power amp.

2)You guitar is not affected by the Mesa's preamp.


What sounds better is a matter of choice and whether or not you want the Mesa's preamp in the equation.

Either method the BT should sound the same.

Another scenario is plugging a cable into the AMP out of the FX100. Only the guitar will go thru the amp out

, EQed for the front of an amp, and only the BT is routed to the main outs and headphones.

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