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Saving tones to a second source.

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I'd like to get the 100 presets/factory tones on my AMPLIFI 100 and keep my tones... In the FAQs it states "resetting to factory presets will erase tones, so save your sounds to a second source." What is the second source? My iPad? Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to save more than one tone at a time, which would be an arduous process. Also, if I did one tone at a time, it saves to where there are 25 banks of 4 = 100 tones. Wouldn't the tones I save then be replaced by the 100 factory presets when I reset?




Any help would be greatly appreciated. ;)

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Currently there is no way to save all 100 presets as a bundle.


You can save them to "my tones" which is stored in the cloud.

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