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  1. I have downloaded the Spider V remote software, and connected my Spider V to the USB. When I start the program on my PC, it says no device connected, there's a connect icon but it is disabled. Is there a way to connect in the program? Or? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I'd like to get the 100 presets/factory tones on my AMPLIFI 100 and keep my tones... In the FAQs it states "resetting to factory presets will erase tones, so save your sounds to a second source." What is the second source? My iPad? Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to save more than one tone at a time, which would be an arduous process. Also, if I did one tone at a time, it saves to where there are 25 banks of 4 = 100 tones. Wouldn't the tones I save then be replaced by the 100 factory presets when I reset? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ;)
  3. The issue is Amplitube....hard to get a metal tone, not enough effects and tweaks. Limited and expensive, as you have to buy each pedal, amp, etc. Mobile POD is a better choice...add a powered speaker (out the headphone jack of your iPad or iPhone and you're there).
  4. THANK YOU CARLOS DANGER, FINALLY AN ANSWER and the right one, that's it! YAY.
  5. Given up on getting answers in regard to: 1.) Why my thread on "90% of songs do not play" was all of a sudden "no permission to access" the thread I started 2.) Why can be done about the loud hum when it is not playing music 3.) Why 90% of my songs are greyed out in AMPLIFI but play fine in iTunes. No need to respond, I will try to get answers on another site.
  6. The charge thing isn't that hard to beat. Just plug in your IOS device, it doesn't have to sit on top of the amp, and besides, the slot is angled straight up and down, when it should be angled back to reach the bottom. I use a stand on top of the amp, the slot is poorly designed. The manual? agreed, it's more of a quick start manual, and includes zero information on using the AMPLIFI app. It's centers only on the unit itself.
  7. Sure would like to just use the AMPLIFI app, maybe with a future update it will play all the songs.
  8. Bought fom iTunes, plays fine on my iPad. Greyed out on the app. A lot of songs...
  9. I had a topic/thread up "90% of songs do not play" and it disappeared? says I don't have access, do you know why that happened? I still can't play 90% on the songs on my iPad...so the question is unanswered. You make a lot of posts here, do you know what happened to that entire thread?
  10. Apple music app - iTunes is there a way via Bluetooth, or are you saying plug in (line in) your iPad into the AMPLIFI?
  11. Anyone know how to shuffle your songs when you are playing music? I can't seem to find a shuffle feature, it either repeats or goes to the next track... Sorry if this is simplistic, but the manual is very basic.
  12. Anyone have any clue as to what the plans are for the USB port? I have read a few here wishing it would be to charge your device, methinks it could be more than a charging feature. I am hoping it will be a online editor similar to Line6 POD Edit and line out to Sonar LE. That would be awesome. Anyone been to NAMM and hear them say anything about the USB? L8
  13. "quit whining about it" Really? .
  14. Phil - Sorry, not seeing how "move on" means "I don't understand it." & yes, it's obvious you were responding to someone else. I was stating my observation, that is all. No need to get defensive.
  15. I never said anyone was attacking, nor did I use the word. Where are all this subjectiveness and assumptions coming from? I never even posted it, gunpointmetal did.
  16. Wow, I see a trend here...if anyone posts anything negative it gets attacked. "If you don't like it, don't buy it. Move on." I am sure that Line6 would not react to a possible customer that way. This is not the way to treat a consumer and a certainly seems quite defensive. Forums are made to discuss all things - pro AND con. Discussing and disagreement improves the product and customer service.
  17. silverhead, why would you say "calm down." His post doesn't help at all. There is no emotion in MY thread. I'm calm - just stating a fact... I don't now how you can read, interpret and assume so much into another's post, I did not see him state any of that, nor do I see the inference when he simply stated "I don't have the hum." How could you get all that from "I don't' have the hum." Posts like that do not help the person answering, only frustrates them.
  18. dismantle: I would rather not turn on iTunes match, I hate the music in the cloud feature and it's $24.99 I don't want to give to Apple on the premise it MAY work.
  19. I would recommend the 150 I own it. The 75 speaker sounds lo-fi and boxy. $100 is well spent on the 12" speaker. Sounds great as a music player as well, although I can't
  21. Charlyg: WHY would you post "I don't have the hum." Are you inferring the guy is lying? what value do you add by saying inflammatory and accusatory remarks?
  22. I don't think you read my post accurately, Phil. (not sure if your post is an automated response or not) I'm not using iTunes match. I have plugged into iTunes and selected the CD/artists. The songs have been downloaded to my iPad but the songs will not play using AMPLIFI, they are listed but greyed out. Except for one or two. Typically, the single or most popular songs on the CD, thankfully. I know ALL the songs are there because I checked, and (I can play them using iTunes as stated on my first post) Issue is those same songs are listed but cannot be played using the AMPLIFI app. Also, you have a lot of posts, so I am assuming you are knowledgeable. Can you address my original question and the title of this thread. "LOTS OF HISS WHEN THE AMP IS ON AND NOTHING IS PLAYING?" ty
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