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How to connect Amplifi 75 to PA system?

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on the other hand, can one use the amplifi as a PA system? 

can I plug a vocal mic to the amplifi directly?

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The answer to both questions is: kinda, sorta...


Amplifi is not intended to be a PA, but does have pseudo 'full frequency' range, when compared to a conventional guitar amp. The reason for this is that it has additional speakers to reproduce audio streamed via Bluetooth, as well as guitar tones reproduced by the main speaker.


A microphone connector and mic preamp are not provided -- only  guitar and aux/line level inputs are available. It would be possible to use a mini-mixer with a mic preamp and tone controls to feed Amplifi's aux/line input. This would approximate the scenario you're interested in. The guitar and aux volume levels are independently adjustable.

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