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  1. $700 plus shipping. Only ship to continental US. No flaws. Comes with gig bag, 2 J45 cables to plug into VDI, manual, and USB interface for the Variax. Has latest firmware update. Only getting rid of it to fund other gear. Perfect condition.
  2. Check out this quick sample of the Fatal Amp Model from Firmware update 2.0.
  3. Thanks! Ibanez is my new go to brand. I absolutely love my new prestige.
  4. Check out my video showing the new 2204 Mod Amp from the Helix 2.0 firmware update.
  5. Hey guys, Check out my cover of this Amazon song using the Helix.
  6. Here is the link for the preset on Customtone.
  7. Check out this video where I show how to setup the Helix to control Loopy HD on your iPad. This is an amazing looper and the Helix finally makes me excited to get into a looper again.
  8. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro with usb 3 and it always worked fine. You can use USB 2.0 items with 3.0 input, but not the other way around.
  9. Check out my first sampling of the Helix and Variax together. Listen for headphones for the full experience.
  10. Thanks for watching. Yeah, I'm not really a "play that signature riff" guy, though I do know a bit of Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. :-)
  11. Hi Mark, Hanks for watching the video. I actually don't connect the helix via USB as an audio interface, I still go through a different interface. I don't really know what a device block size is off the top of my head. Sorry man.
  12. Line 6 Helix 101: Controlling your computer recording software with the Helix.
  13. Hi everyone. This is a video I made of all the factory guitar presets in the helix. This video is the one with everything recorded direct. Another one will be the same but with a room mic'ing the L3T PA speaker
  14. My helix is in amazing condition. No problems yet with displays or anything. I've been jamming on it all week.
  15. I ordered it from Guitar Center.
  16. I just got the Helix yesterday and it is amazing. Check out my YouTube channel to see all my other stuff. I too went from a HD500 to HD500x to Helix. Here a link to my latest video.
  17. I will definitely have to try out the expression pedal a little more to be able to tell you my thoughts on it. I'll tell you guys this though, this throng blew me away last night. It's amazing!
  18. So, I am getting my Helix on Monday. Check out my video where I talk about the videos I am going to make and where I ask you what kind of videos you would like to see.
  19. Actually it did ship. :-) It came from Florida and I'm in PA. I would have went to the UPS distribution center today by me to pick it up, but they are closed until Monday. :-(
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