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JTV-89F Clicking noise

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I bought a new JTV-89F from Sweetwater a couple of weeks ago and it's been great... BUT... Thursday I used it at rehearsal via VDI cable with my HD500X.


About halfway through rehearsal the thing went dead. Red light on the Model knob and a Blue Light on the tuning knob. No sound from the Variax over VDI... check over 1/4" nothing... unplug and wait a few minutes made sure my battery was installed.  But nothing but a clicking noise (Relay) from the Variax. No lights on the Variax knobs or anything...


I've got a support call in at Sweetwater... hoping to just get a replacement since it's just been a couple of weeks.


Anyone else have this issue? I've not turned up anything except one other thread that referenced a stuck model select knob... and I've confirmed that both knobs do not appear to be stuck in a pressed state.



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Not sure about that, but I got my 89F right after new years, and I had to send it back to sweetwater. The 89F was being seen as a 59 by Workbench. Line6 Tech said it was the wrong board on the 89F. Sweetwater was great about the return. I'm hoping the new one will not have issues.

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