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Warning: To All Pod Hd Users.


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WARNING: Owning a POD HD could have you buying the hardware equivalents of your favorite amps and FX.

Anyone going from a POD HD to hardware; should only stand as a testment of how well modeled the HDs are.

What would be an interesting poll question to find out ?

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No that is fine. The JC 120 indicates you like clean and most likely into jazz. It is all you need. 

I think the Roland Cubes have a JC120 clean channel. Lets face it some players don't need toys to get a great tone. it is in their style and choice of voicings.


I am able to manage to get pretty good clean tones when needed from the HD but usually just go in direct via a valve preamp.

I record my style is usually a clean rythmic guitar but as I like to get down a dirty for soloing the HD just lets rip in FX and Amp high gain and verbs(nice)

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actually, i just always liked the JC-120 model, in the XT/X3 and there is not one in the HD so it was due to the pod's that i wanted one.

not really into jazz etc... just like that brush in my sonic palate.

the SLO Clean model did go a bit towards adding that flavor in though...

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I already owned Marshall tube amps and cabs since 1990.  Well before buying anything from Line6.  Sure I could plug in a TS9 into the preamp and connect a delay into the FX return then dial in a little spring reverb and it sounds really good - been there.  However I like the PODHD studio output into a pair of Marshall power amps and stereo effects I can get live.  Plus the total control I can have over every detail of tone.


It's amazing what the PODHD has, not just in tone but how configurable it is.  The downside to this is, it can be difficult and frustrating for new users until they learn how to use it.

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JC 120 = Jazz Chorus 120! This is the only correlation. It's true, some Jazz guitar player my use the JC, the most of them I know and ever seen in a live show don't use the JC 120. Sound is too cold, weight too heavy.

Back to the subject.

A modeled musical equipment will never ever hit the sound of a real amp or instrument! But the state of the art is breathtaking!

It is much better than pumping money in boutique amps and handling tons of equipment (if you don't have your own roadies) :lol:

I'm 57 years old and broken-backed. I like to to take my HD and some cables in my bag  and my JTV gigbag over my shoulder and travel to my shows :wub:

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Okay fair enough a Jazz Chorus can have pedals in front and even a rack of FX.

I'm 54 and have had the HD 500 for about a year now and still love it.

I have a few  Amps and  simulation software and while you can get some good tones from them I really like the HD amps and FX and midi change capability. Great box. Very creative.

If I hook it up to my Fender Amp power amp and mic the result it sounds good enough for a record.


I have been seeing some HD 300s go for silly money here used, About $220-$250. Less than a new Pocket POD.


Gee one of the FX modeled hardware units comes in close to that.

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