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Kb37 Toneport No Monitor Through-put



 Ok, I'm completely stumped here. Long time computer recordist  and I've used just about every type of audio interface out there.

So here's my situation, I have a KB37 Toneport (the original) That I purchased years ago. I just brought it back out to give it anther go..It's been completely updated according to Monkey  and I'm noticing something wierd,

1. When I have a condenser mic plugged in and the phantom power on- I get no sound being thru-put from the mic input to the headphone out. btw, yes it's plugged in, powered up and good to go. I can hear it when my DAW is open (although with an unacceptable amount of latencey) but shouldnt I be able to at least monitor the mic input?


Is this a known problem? If anyone can shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.

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To monitor without your DAW you need to open POD Farm and select the proper input.


Also, in your DAW you should not experience an unacceptable amount of latency. Make sure you are selecting Line6 ASIO KB37 as your device and that you have "monitoring" (may be called something else depending on your DAW) turned off.

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