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fbv shortboard cable question

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i bought a used fbv shortborad to control my hd147 and they sent me the board with a connecting cable witch look like an ethernet cable , but when i pluged it in the amp and the fbv only the '' a , b , c , d ''( the bottom line of button )  was working so i tried one of my computer's cable and now the upper line of button and the bottom line are working but not the middle line .....take note that when it start the light of the middle line is not working either.......


so my question is do i need a specific cable ?? i've look on and i know that i need a cat5 cable .....i have like 6-7 cable at home and some make the first series of button working and others make the upper and lower series !?!? is my board broken or i need to buy a cable at my music store ???


thanks for your time


and sorry for my English french speaking from canada :)


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I have an FBV Shortboard Mark II which I want to run into a Randall RM4 preamp/RT2 power amp. Since the FBV uses a straight cat 5 cable with one of those ethernet type plugs, it would require attaching a 7 point din plug to one end. From the Randall, din plug pins 3 and 7 carry the phantom power which is 9v ac 1amp. What wires in the cat 5 cable go where in the din plug? On a more general question, does anyone know whether the FBV will effectively communicate with the Randall?

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