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labeling your pedalboard


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So I've seen these other stompbox/ midi brand boards and there are companies that make magnetic labels you can put on those boards to know what effect you have on which pedal.


I searched and searched for something similar for the m13 stompbox but nothing.


So I spent a few hour rigging up my own labels.


I used magnetic printer paper.


Got pictures of regular guitar pedals and edited them down to a 5/4 ratio.


And printed them out.


I'll post a picture of the finished product tomorrow

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My wife brought home one of those killer label makers and I just label everything with it.Change them once in a while if I need to.I don't think I want magnets on any music stuff except pickups.Looking forward to your pics!

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I saw some for I think the Voodoo Labs Ground Control that were basically paper that you'd print out, with square pictures of say, a Tube Screamer or a DynaComp or whatever,then laminate, then cut out the individual squares and drill out the center button holes.


Since the M13's buttons aren't round, you may have to do some Xacto work for the button holes


they were attached to the face of the floor unit with ordinary 3M double sided scotch tape, which could be peeled up if you want to change things.

Not as quickly changeable as your magnetic idea, but I don't actually know what's in the black box or how sensitive it is to magnets all over the surface.


But the idea was the same, and it kinda looked like an array of individual stomp boxes

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