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Distorted Audio

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The audio coming out of my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet is garbled and distorted. Most of the song is fine, but once its starts in, its hard to get it to stop. It wasn't always this way eirther and I have no idea what caused this or how to fix it. Its a strange sound that seems to play along side the real audio. You can still hear the song, just not through the garbage. This happens with blue tooth or without blue tooth.


My Samsung phone is fine.


Any ideas of what can fix this?



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I am not understanding what you mean by without Bluetooth.

Are you referring to the sound coming from the Galaxy?

If so, I am not sure how the FX100 fits into the equation if you are not streaming to it via BT.

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I'm not sure if the FX100 is part of it either.  Never mind....


If you can delete this thread, please do.  I'm not convinced its an issue that has anything to do with my Table Top or not.  It may be unrelated.

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Hold the phone....


I did find something a little odd.  The garbled audio I was hearing on my tablet was only evident when playing the music through the Amplifi App.  If played the same song through my Win Amp App or the Google music app on the tablet, the sound was fine. 


I did some poking around the web and found other people have had this problem too, but not necessarily with the Amplifi App, but just in general.  One person posted that you should check to see if the actual music file could be causing the problem.


So, I removed my music SD card from the tablet, re-formatted it and copied all the music back onto it. 


Not the Amplifi Amp works fine when playing music.  No more garbled audio.  There may be a different way that Amplifi processes the audio and is more "sensitive" to the audio files.  Maybe this is nothing at all, but for the moment, I'm good again!

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