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"Sparkle Tone" with "POD HD Desktop"?

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Hey Hey Hey :)

Is it possible to create a sparkle tone with the "POD HD Desktop"?

Using the POD HD for different tone characters like crunch or warm smooth sounds but I dont know to get a
sparkle tone in combination with a high gain amp.

I mean something like tone of "Voodoo Sparkle drive mod" or for example(

First part of the video: Hope you can hear this sparkle characteristics of Misha's rhythm patch.
By the way: I'm not interested of copieng this patch.
I know that these guys using an "Axe FXII" but the POD HD is also well known for creating great tones B)

Does somebody know how to create a sparkle tone?
Are there any pedals or effects that allow such a tone?

Thanks for the reply ;)


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The Voodoo Labs Sparkle drive is a "tube screamer" style OD unit that has the ability to mix back in the "clean" signal back into the mix. If this is what you are after, then you could do this in a few different ways on the Pod.


Split the path going to the amp (which should be fairly clean) and put an OD one path, and then mix to taste.


You could also just do a two amp patch where one is clean(er) and one is heavy.

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im no expert but the bass part of this video I can hear the plectrum hitting the strings almost as loud as the bass and also in one of the guitar parts... surely that's not a sound you want happening ???


sounds terrible to the untrained ear .. or is this classed as "for the connoisseurs ear" ? lol


I thought the Axe FX II was supposed to be the dogs Nutz ?


although I know that if you put a guitar and any Effects equipment in my hands, I bet I can (umm rephrase that to) WILL make it sound worse lol


just saying though.

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