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  1. This is a bit of a selfish ask, but I figured I would try... maybe some others might dig it too. I would love to see a "Frippertronics" style block in the Helix. Kind of like a looper... but not like the current looper. In my mind, this would be two independent delays, but with really long delay times - say 1 to 25 seconds each - even better is you could have the delay times listed in Bars. Each delay would be fed from the same source, but fully independent. Each delay would also have a extremely long Feedback/Decay rate, so the repeats would go on for minutes if you wanted... but without ever going into oscillation like an analog delay. There would also be a way to bypass the "input" going to the delays so you could add things to the loops, and then play over them. You could achieve this with "Tails On" kind of thing and standard bypassing the pedal. Basically... I'm looking for something like the old Elottronix XL "Frippertonics Emulator" VST from way back - - but inside the Helix.
  2. cclement

    Power Cab 112

    I have mixed feelings about this... Like some others have said... "If I were starting from scratch" these would certainly be in the race. But I've been using my Alto TS10A (the older version of what became the TS210) since my HD500X days. So dropping $1200-$1400 for a pair of new speakers isn't going to happen. Plus I get the added bonus of a small PA when needed with the TS10s. I get that players who are new to the modeling and are coming from the traditional amp world, might look on these with a loving eye. It's a 1x12 cab and that might make it easier to accept than a "FRFR/PA speaker." This is especially true if they have read/bought into the myth that "FRFR can't get you that 'amp in the room sound' dude!" I do think it's a really interesting product. I could see this being used my a traditional guitarist as an easy way to go to a Wet/Dry setup or a Wet/Dry/Wet setup pretty easily.
  3. I think you are getting confused around the difference between a Snapshot and a Patch/Preset. Snapshots let you change between settings within a patch. For instance, turn on a delay, change the EQ on your amp, and turn on the flanger... all at once with one button click. A Patch/Preset is a set of blocks that define a sound. These can be factory or your own design. So in your case... you can switch between a Factory sound, and another Preset. But Snapshots are to control parameters within a Patch.
  4. Had a crazy idea this morning.... thought about the idea of putting a set of Flishman Fluence PUs in my Amethyst Standard. While I really dig the modeled sounds, the stock magnetic PUs seem pretty basic. I'm also so used to my MojoTone "Quiet-Coils" in my main guitar, so the single-coil noise is kind of a bummer. However... the Fishmans need 25K pots.... and I don't think you can get a dual pot for the Variax volume with a 25K value for the magnetic PUs. Just thinking out loud.
  5. I have picking up the "bits" my Helix leaves behind when I walk mine....
  6. So much this. By the time I'm on stage... I don't want to be thinking about anything other than playing my best. Tweaking fx at the gig is not high on my list.
  7. Download: HX Edit HX Edit Version 2.51 Released 2/7/18 If your Helix is already up-to-date- with the 2.5 firmware, then a new copy of HX EDIT is all you need to download. Download it and Install it - all WITHOUT the Helix connected. Once it's full installed, connect your Helix and you can backup/transfer all of your patches.
  8. Given the size of baggage they do let people in the cabin with (when ANYONE could see that it's bigger than the "allotted size" for carry-on)... I would bet you would be OK. If you wear it as a backpack while you get on the plane... I don't think it will even phase them. Going to put this all to the test in August with a trip to upstate NY.
  9. Welcome aboard. I'm a long time Line 6 user (back to the AxSys 212) days), and I've never had an issues getting good tones. Of course over the years, I've been happy with the updates Line 6 has made. I'm currently using the Helix and am getting some of the best tones I have ever had. I'm just getting started with the Variax, but I've already found a few songs with the band that I can use it on. It's a pretty amazing bit of kit!
  10. OK... yours sound MUCH smoother than my attempt did. Care to share your secret sauce?
  11. You can assign a Exp Pedal to the B string "pitch" when using the Variax, but it's just OK. When the string is "bending" you get some artifacts going on - fine when it's at normal pitch or raised.
  12. I just bought the King's X patches from Matt Chalk - £0.99 each I haven't had a chance to take them for a drive just yet, but really dig them in the demo - bought both the guitar side and bass. Now if I could just find a Ty Tabor patch for his earlier (Lab Series) era tones, I'd be a happy guy.
  13. Maybe SMPTE bars and tone will come with the next update.
  14. Have you tried any of the new (old really.. but new to Helix) Pitch/Synth legacy FX? Pitch/Synth > Bass Octaver Pitch/Synth > Smart Harmony Pitch/Synth > Octi Synth Pitch/Synth > Synth O Matic Pitch/Synth > Attack Synth Pitch/Synth > Synth String Pitch/Synth > Growler
  15. I just saw the press release about the Onyx version of the Variax (translucent-black finish over a flamed-maple veneer top) that said they were only making 300. Just curious... does anyone know how many of the Amethyst versions of the Variax were made? Mine is number #125.
  16. Not quite my thing.. but have you tried the Archon amps? They might do they job for you.
  17. cclement

    Edge Thing

    Also try dotted 8th + 1/4 and dotted 8th with 1/8.
  18. I'm really interested in this update... but I've barely scratched the surface of 2.30! Is there a Zeno's Paradox related to firmware updates?
  19. To my ears.. the "octave" strings are too loud. I would try turning them down some. I think this is true for just about all of the 12-string models in the Vairax. YMMV.
  20. Not to hijack this... but did the factory string leave your fingers all dirty after playing? I just got my Amethyst Standard back to my place (it was a gift from my GF so was delivered to her place) and after about an hour or so of playing... my fingers are filthy.
  21. Hey all, My partner bought me one of the limited edition Amethyst Variax as an early birthday gift. I’ve only had a small bit of time with it so far, but it’s pretty awesome. I was wondering (because I could find a clear answer) if I could use the Workbench HD software while the Variax was plugged into the Helix, and the Helix to my PC via USB. I have the Variax USB dongle, but was sure if I still needed to use it since I have the Helix.
  22. So lets do some quick math... 70 Amps 111 FX 37 Speakers 16 Mic 70*111*37*16 4,599,840 possible combinations1 using just one amp, one FX, one speaker and one mic. That's a big number! 1 I think I did the math right. I only did combinations because I don't have sufficient grey matter to solve all the permutations. Your millage may vary. Please consult your doctor before starting any Maths related regimen. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
  23. I do have the full Helix; the LT version wan't around when I got mine. So much this. You are getting a BUNCH more than just the scribble strips... but they are really nice for live performance ;)
  24. As one who owned the HD500x (and a Vetta II, and a AX2.. and a AxSys 212) the Helix and LT are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the HD500x both in terms of sound and ease-of-use. That alone for me was a "no-brainer." I can't speak directly to how the Helix and HD500x differ in handling the Variax (I don't own one), I do know that you can use the Snapshots to change guitars/tunings within a patch with a push of a button. Or, have the Variax magnetic pickups go down one path and the Variax "modeled" sound go down another... each with their own amps/FX etc.
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