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The First String E On My Variax 500 Doesnt Sound When Connected Can You Please Help Me?

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Hello fellow musicians, for some reason the first string of my variax 500 goes almost mute on me when connected.  It sounds really low.The problem happens after playing a bit. Seems to happen when I change between models. Ive opdated the flash memory through my workbench and it solved the problem for 6 months. I had the same problem again and refreshed and this time it solved the problem for 2 weeks but again it happened. Ive read about the subject in this forum and some people say its might be  the piezo(really hope not since it would be a pain to get it down to Chile and Line 6 doesnt ship down here either), but since it gets solved momentarily (when I update flash memory) Im hoping it might be a software problem. Also in my country (Chile,S.america) there are no qualified repair Techs on the Variax who could solve the problem. Can you please help me! 

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