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HD500X & HD EDIT & 2 Expression Pedals


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I added a second expression pedal to my rig and I've been programming for the last 2 nights using HD Edit. Just wanted to mention that I have been running into a problem where the actions shown on screen via HD Edit is not what is going on with the 500X. HD Edit seems to get confused which expression pedal is which and after sending the patch from computer to 500X, the pedal actions shown on screen are not what they are supposed to be and operating the pedal is not performing the function as programmed in HD Edit. Quick fix seems to be, disconnect the 500X USB cable and cycle power. Once 500X is back up and connected to HD Edit, the display is correct and the pedals are performing the correct function.


Just checking to see if anyone else is having this problem.

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I had enormous problems, just like you. I bought the Mission pedal. I assign it to EXP 2. I generally assign a wah to it with on/off control on FS5. I let Exp1 be the on board pedal and assign it to volume. I had continuous problems doing this seemingly simple change using edit. I had all kinds of mysterious things to happen other than what I was expecting. Here is what works for me, thanks to the advice of tone of the forum experts.


When programming with edit, never touch your HD500X.

As soon as you have made your changes, make sure your patch is selected and click on "send selected" the send the modified patch to the HD500X memory.

Unplug and replug your experssion pedal

"Send selected" patch again 

Change patches

Come back to the original patch you were trying to program

Check to see that all is OK.

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