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  1. My MacBook Pro running Mojave and the latest version of Monkey will not update the audio drivers. Says that they download and install, prompts me for a restart and when Monkey starts up again, yellow triangle still indicates drivers are not updated. HD Edit will not detect my HD500X. I have downloaded the latest driver file and tried installing it without Monkey and still have the same problem. Monkey indicates that it can "see" when I plug and unplug the usb in for the HD500X.
  2. I have been running my HD500x direct into the PA with no amp for over 2 years. It's fantastic.
  3. That sounds close when mixed very subtly. Thank you.
  4. Been messing with a bunch of different smart harmonies to try to find the right combo for the intro licks on Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin For You. Just can't quite seem to replicate the setting. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I checked Custom Tone. There are patches that say that they are for this song but they don't have the harmony guitar part I am looking for.
  5. OK so how about a value. I am going to have to use a standard diode. There are on pads left to reattach a surface mount diode. Also need a value for I7
  6. Fried the diode and another component on the power input of my pcb. would like to know the value of this diode if someone from L6 sees this request. also need to know the part/value is, of I7 that runs between the power input and the negative side of C111
  7. Can you post some links to the threads about burned circuit boards? I can't seem to locate them. I have a Variax 500 PCB that burned where the power connects due to reverse polarity. fried the diode and maybe a resistor on the opposite side of the board. Any ideas if replacing these components will revive the circuit? Also wondering if you can post some photographs of your Variax 700 circuitry. How the components are connected together.
  8. The beauty of a Variax is it's lack of magnetic pickups. just sayin'
  9. There are 1 or two on eBay that come with the USB interface. It is a clear plastic box. If you are lucky, you can pick one up that has all the extras. You can download the Workbench software for free.
  10. I have upgraded to locking tuners and GHOST saddles on all 3 of mine and I swear by these guitars. They feel good, they play well and they are not too heavy to wear all night. I don't miss or need any mag pickups. I have a few mag pickup guitars if I need that.
  11. If you can get yourself a clean, used 500 on eBay, that is the best model that L6 has made to date. IMHO!
  12. Just curious Charlie, why don't you like the Line6 VDI cable? I have 2 of them and they seem to be very good. Also want to point out that your link is incorrect. Here is the right one to Best-Tronics:
  13. I use a short TRS cable plugged into the lower of the two jacks. I have never noticed any "dead zone" behavior.
  14. Ernie Ball VP-JR 25K is the pedal I have been using for EXP-2 and it works great!
  15. Here is a patch you can try out. It is set up to use a Variax 500 with the Special-1 guitar setting but a guitar in the bridge position should also work nicely. Let me know how that works for you. I was trying to get a Zappa, One Size Fits All, sound.
  16. Well, no one is jumping in to answer this one, are they?
  17. Just a quick update…. I recently purchased a Variax 300 because I got it for a great price. Just took it apart and did the GHOST upgrade and thought I would share a few pictures. Now I have done GHOST saddles on 4 Variax guitars. I found that if you back the saddle all the way, then connect the wire, the service loop is perfect. On this 300 bridge, I used some adhesive copper strip to create the ground plane. There is a small exposed ground area on either side of the 8-pin connector. I folded a tiny amount of copper strip over and soldered the copper to that ground area. Sorry, I didn't get a before picture. I drilled an access hole in the circuit board that lines up with the very front of the slot in the bridge plate to run the wire through. from top to bottom. I hope this helps someone here on the forum. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  19. I was under the impression that if you use the PRE version with no cab, you avoid extra coloration.
  20. We'll see how close I can come. I am hopeful.
  21. OK, gonna give that a try.. You are referring to the Brit J-800
  22. The JCM800 is part of the HD Metal Pack… Guess I'll have to break down and buy that one too. I was trying to get by with what I already have (plexi 100).
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