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When I turn it on it does not sound . I must first press the wah pedal but I have to wait because everything works


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Hello , I have a problem with my x3 live .
For some time after turning on no sound , if I press the pedal wah wah seems to work (though not modulates the wah wah ) but only with the pedal mode wah wah . after a variable period of time , from one hour to five hours POD start functioning correctly . if I turn it off and restart immediately the problem does not occur anymore, but if I keep it off for a while, for example, half an hour I have to wait again to make sure that everything returns to normal. I tried to reset it to factory defaults and reprogram the firmware but it does not change . To any of you ever do this ? It ' a known problem ?

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i have the same issue for many years. i couldn't find any sollution but this one; hold outputs and go to system menu. roll tone 1 from w/v to twk and save. now you can use your tone. do this to all tones. but this way, you can't use volume pedal or wah, just use the tone.


i know this is not the sollution, but still better than nothing. if there is a sollution, please post here.

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