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When I first posted my latency question I did not yet own an AMPLFi, A few days ago I bought one (150) and am very pleased with the sounds.

Still curious about latency I have just done a few measurements - others may be interested. I did two tests:

One with all FX modules bypassed and another with all FX modules turned on. The results were identical = 2 milliseconds. I consider this very good and for a perspective on this it is like having your head 2 feet from the speaker (not reccommended).


I also play sax at gigs and I have done some tests where I can use the AMPLIFi as a sax monitor as well as guitar. The setup was a microphone into a small mixer that has FX and the output of this mixer goes to the AMPLIFi line input on the back. This feeds the full range speaker system in AMPLIFi. By balancing the sax volume with the guitar volume I had total control of my sax and guitar monitoring and separate FX choices for each instrument.

This was a living room setup but I will road test it on my next gig.

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