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New to Vetta II HD, few questions


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Hey gang just snagged the Vetta II HD in trade some gear I had kicking around. Couple questions. Kinda digging it so far BTW but have only messed with it for about an hour.



1. Has anyone ever tried to play an electric acoustic through and had any success at all? Or making a patch from scratch for the acoustic that sounded good/great?



2. Does switching from full to half power really help in any way? I'm running into a 2x12 Mesa Boogie just using the  two Vintage 30's and selected mono obviously from the Vetta output stage.



3. Noticed it is still running version 2.10    Is it worth trying to "monkey" around updating it? I have an old turtle laptop running XP and have an older version of Line 6 Monkey on it and I think I have a M-Audio Uno sport midi thing lying around somewhere.


Or would I be better off just leaving it as is for now and waiting til the amp screws up before trying to flash a newer firmware version?


Is it worth the risk? The upgrade in the direct out Air II technology sounds kind of intriguing the way they hype it in the 2.50 addenum



4.  I don't really like the "thump" powering it on and powering it down, is there any remedy at all to this that anyone knows of?



5. I know this a dumb and lame ? I should know the answer to. Does anyone ever run the solid state Vetta II HD head without a speaker load attached?


And if that is a definite no-no does anyone just use a loose small 8" speaker per se or THD hotplate or powersoak type thing so they can move the beast around and use it in "studio" direct mode but not have to lug around cabinets



So many questions,I know but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is 2.50 really any better than 2.10?


Cheers and thanks :)





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For now you'd be better off leaving things as they are until you get used to the amp. Keep the computer with XP as some have reported problems with later operating systems. Don't see why you'd have any trouble with an acoutic guitar with a pickup as long as it puts out sufficent signal for the amp input. Maybe try turning the volume down when you turn it off to help with the thump when powering up. The most important thing is to sit down and give the manual a read though.

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Thanks man! I read most of the manual last night and I think all the forum questions/topics on it as well haha.


I must say having the FBV shortboard mkii already was a big bonus and meshes nicely so far.


Good advice about the update, I'm leery as heck after reading all the horror stories, it sounds pretty killer already so I think I'll wait.

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