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Patch vs Stomp mode


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IIRC you can be:


* All Presets


* All Stomp


* Top Presets, Bottom Stomp


* Bottom Stomp, Top Presets


And other options as well - for example as with the HD500 you can program a Stomp mode button to do a patch change (with a MIDI loop)

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Yes, as noted, you can make it so the presets are the top or bottom row. Another cool thing is that in stomp mode, you have the option to re-purpose the bank up and down switches as regular footswitches, so it gives you a total of 10 footswitches to assign effects or controllers to. The thing that's nice is that you can switch between modes really easily. You just hit the mode footswitch. So it's not like the HD500 where you have to actually go in the setup menu to switch between modes. I think many people may find that keeping preset mode set so that both rows are presets may actually work out well. If you need to get into a preset to turn effects on and off, you just hit the mode switch.

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