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Attempting to recreate a sound - could someone provide some guidance?

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I'll preface this thread by saying that I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this kind of question.


In fact, I'm not entirely sure if the L6 forums are a good place for this question at all. I do know I have a "basic" Dream Rig. But I'm a newbie, and I could really use some help with this. If this is the wrong place to ask, then say so, and I'll shut up...


I'm trying to replicate a specific sound for fun and, well, I don't have the faintest idea of how to start the process. Don't get me wrong, I know how the PODs patches work, I just never really tried to replicate a specific tone myself - I either experimented with the POD until I found a patch that I just liked or I found nice patches on-line.


In this particular case I'm trying to recreate the sounds of Little Vs Pacific Rim theme.


I'm a bit at a loss of where to even start. Should I start with a "clean" sounding pre-amp model and add effects to that to get that nice overdrive effect, or is it better to start off with pre-amps which already contain a lot of dirt in them? (About the only thing I know for sure is that Little Vs using a 7-string guitar, so I need to change the tuning on my Variax to a baritone tuning.)


Or is it just pure luck and one has to go through a LOT of settings till the right tone pops up?


How DO people go about recreating specific tones on their Dream Rigs?

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Or is it just pure luck and one has to go through a LOT of settings till the right tone pops up?


How DO people go about recreating specific tones on their Dream Rigs?

If you just happen to stumble upon the exact same tone, immediately stop what you're doing and go buy a lotto ticket...;)


Because it's far more likely that you'll be half-way through your next life before you accidentally run across exactly what you're looking for...if it ever happens at all.


All kidding aside, there really is no "recipe" to follow, it's mostly gonna be trial and error. Listening to the tune, then nipping and tucking the patch until what you hear coming out of your amp is as close to the recording as you can get it. It can be a lengthy process.


Unless there is a really obvious effect in use (big delay, flange, phaser, wha, etc), I'd concentrate on the basic dry tone first, and worry about the special sauce later.


If you happen to know what amp(s) the player in question uses, you could start with that same model in the POD (or something similar if the exact amp model isn't in there). Or if you have a patch that's "in the ballpark", start with that and season to taste.

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I sometimes use backing tracks which have had the guitars digitally removed if I can get hold of the track. When you think you have nailed the tone play along with the tune to see how it sound 'in the mix'. Sometimes a bit of extra tweaking is required to get even closer to the tone. I use this web site


Good luck

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