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How do you get certain tones such as "Insane Green Pitch" and "Metal Red Phaser Delay"?


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I visited the page "" and see some tones I would love to have.


How do you download these?  I looked in the Custom Tone Page and could not find them and they are not listed under the Spider IV preset list.  For example, I would love to download the "Insane Green Pitch" and the "Metal Red Phaser Delay".


Are these available and if so, how to get get them or download them?


Thank you for your time,



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I see a bunch of artist and song presets listed on that page that are not included in the amp's factory presets, I'm guessing those are not, either.  That page seems to be one of the original ones Line6 posted reagarding the Spider amps - there were many complaints because they listed tones (and advertised them!) that were in fact not included with the amp.


I just checked my saved list of presets and its the same as posted below those sample sounds - I never noticed its not accurate either.

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