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Effects Loop In Podhd500

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I wonder if i use for example BOSS CE-2 Chorus and BOSS DD-7 Digital delay and BOSS PW-10 Wha in an effect loop on PODHD500 (effect send and return jacket) if i can see those stompboxes on the LCD screen on PODHD500 and if i can turn them on/off with PODHD500 footswitches? In any other case how can i use the effect loop on PODHD500 with stompboxes or line effect devices?

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My suggestion:

GTR->PW-10->HD500 GTR Input

HD500 FX Send->CE-2->DD-7->HD500 FX Return


Add an FX Loop to the chain and assign a button to the FX loop. 


and RTM

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