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Output select FX100

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So it is stated that: "Using Main Outs & Amp Out Together - Only Bluetooth audio will be present at the Main Outs when the Amp Out jack is connected".

But why not make it a choice in the options. Picture this: You would like to be recorded simultaneously while using your amp for monitoring purposes.

Or maybe you just want to be there together in the mix with the rest of the band, still being able to use your amp. 

Please do not limit us where it is not needed.

with kind regards,


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You can just use the Left Main Out without using the AMP Out and you will get guitar + BT to your amp.


Regarding recording, if you are referring to recording via USB recording, it will only be guitar regardless.


That being said, I'm not sure if it is hardwired that way or if it doable in a firmware update.

You could put a request in here:



Line6 does take notice of ideas that gain traction.

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Thanks for your suggestion Triryche.

I will post the Idea.

I just love to have both outputs with the guitar signal.

That's all.

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